Try Physical Therapy First

If you're recovering from an injury, living with a chronic illness, or experiencing pain, you may benefit from seeing a physical therapist. 1st Choice Physical Therapists are movement experts who help people of all ages improve their quality of life through exercise, hands-on care, and education. You do not need a doctor's referral for an evaluation by a physical therapist.

Many people get physical therapy to treat a specific pain or condition, but physical therapy doesn't have to revolve around a problem. You can also seek out physical therapy as part of a general wellness plan.

Physical therapy is designed to educate you on specific exercises designed for your body that can improve your movement, strength, range of motion, flexibility, and balance. These techniques can be used to better your fitness and to prevent future issues or injuries.

How Can Physical Therapy Benefit You?

Physical therapy can be beneficial in a wide range of scenarios. You might use physical therapy to:

  • Improve your mobility: Stretching and strengthening exercises are used to improve your ability to move, particularly for daily activities like going up and down stairs. This may be helpful for people who are managing age-related mobility issues or have a chronic condition like arthritis.
  • Address nerve-related conditions that affect posture and balance: Physical therapy can be used to help strengthen weakened parts of the body and improve posture and balance.
  • Manage pain: Physical therapy can help ease pain, and it may help reduce or eliminate the use of pain relief medicines.
  • Recover from a sports injury: A 1st Choice physical therapist can design a recovery program to ensure your safe return to a sport. They can treat a wide range of injuries including groin pulls, shin splints, shoulder injuries, sprained ankles, knee injuries, tendonitis, back and neck injuries.
  • Manage a health condition: 1st Choice Physical Therapists are able to offer more specialized treatments for problems like urinary incontinence, pelvic floor issues, post-partum care, or vestibular and dizziness issues.
  • Recover from surgery: Research has shown physical therapy can help speed up recovery and improve functional outcomes in people who have had surgery.

Your 1st Choice physical therapist will create a personalized treatment plan for your individual needs. 1st Choice Physical Therapists are Certified Master Level Balance Retrainers uniquely trained in balance and vestibular therapy and specialists in Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Health. Schedule an appointment today.