Nasal Release Technique “NRT” Helps Sinus Problems

As April showers bring May flowers and Spring blooms, many people experience sinus problems due to seasonal allergies. Whether you have allergies or chronic sinus problems, your nose and sinuses get inflamed blocking mucus from draining which can cause congestion, pain, pressure, and fatigue. Blockages can also be caused by narrow nasal passages, facial abnormality, a deviated septum, facial trauma, or a slight shifting of the cranial bones. Cranial bones shift in response to neck tension, dental work, in response to the position of the sacral vertebrae, and many other reasons. The Nasal Release Technique "NRT" can help to reduce and even eliminate sinus problems by unblocking the sinuses and reducing inflammation, pain and congestion.

What is NRT?

NRT is a structural technique that realigns the nasal cavities and adjusts the bones of the skull. The procedure uses a small balloon affixed to an inflatable device which is inserted into the nasal passages. The balloon inflation presses outward against the bones lining the breathing passages and adjusts the sutures of the skull, which are the points where the bones connect. This inflation opens the entrance of the nostril into the upper throat, releasing any tension in the cranial sutures. This mobilizes the cranial bones, improves the flow of fluids throughout the cranium and sinuses, and opens the airways.

In addition to sinus problems, NRT is effective for post-concussion syndrome, headaches, some vestibular issues, sleep apnea, and breathing difficulties.

How can 1st Choice Physical Therapy Help?

A 1st Choice Physical Therapist trained in NRT can play an important role in sinus health. If you or a loved one is suffering from lingering sinus problems, call 1st Choice Physical Therapy & Balance Centers to schedule an appointment so you can breathe better and enjoy Spring.