May is Women’s Health Month

May is Women’s Health Month kicking off on May 8th, and we encourage women to prioritize your health. Women have unique health issues from pelvic pain to post-partum and intimacy issues and physical therapy may be an effective option to help you maximize function, minimize pain, and improve overall quality of life.

What is Women’s Health Physical Therapy?

Women’s Health physical therapy at 1st Choice deals with issues like pelvic pain, low back/hip pain or sciatica, urination and bowel movement problems, and intimacy pain or discomfort, to name a few. We offer pregnancy and post-partum care as well as pre and post-surgical care for hysterectomy, cesarean, prolapse, or radiation. We understand the intimacy of these issues, and our specialty trained physical therapists offer Pelvic Floor Therapy in a compassionate way and supportive environment.

Pelvic Floor Therapy includes exercises to stretch or strengthen muscles in the hips, core and pelvis; relaxation and breathing techniques; hands-on soft tissue work; and biofeedback for muscle retraining. It may include education in proper posture and body mechanics.

How can 1st Choice Physical Therapy Help?

A 1st Choice Physical Therapist trained in Pelvic Floor Therapy will design a unique physical therapy program targeting your specific issues…designed by women for women. If you or a loved one is suffering from Women’s Health issues, call 1st Choice Physical Therapy & Balance Centers to schedule an appointment so you can once again enjoy your life!